Featured Products

  • Two of the UKs leading renewable energy products are Caymax Monocrystalline Solar Photovoltaic Panels and Eversolar Grid-tied Invertors.  The Caymax Monocrystalline Solar Photovoltaic Panels have the highest sunlight to electricity efficiency conversion rate of any MCS certified solar panels on the market today.

  • The Eversolar Grid-tied Invertors equally have a market-leading efficiency rating and through their flexibility are also ideally suited for the varied UK weather.  The invertor “kicks in” at only 125 volts, compared to 200 volts with many other inverters.  Simply put, these inverters start working earlier in the mornings and stop working later in the evening, ensuring that you maximise the electricity generating period of every day.

Get a Quote

Solar PV is sophisticated technology and is not “one size fits all”.  We therefore come to your home or business premises and conduct a thorough survey of your property.  We will then provide you with a written quotation and a SAP calculation which will confirm the amount of electricity the installation we recommend would generate.

There is no charge for this service and you are under no obligation to proceed with any quotation we provide.

The Customer is Always Right

A phrase that you don’t hear very often these days but it’s a maxim we subscribe to.

If our customers are happy to leave the specification to us then we will design a system to suit your particular situation, to the best of our abilities. 

However, should you specifically want to use a certain make of solar panel or inverter then please tell us and we can accommodate it.  We have a range of different products to choose from, so are flexible and adaptable.