Solar Panels

For normal home owners, fitting solar photovoltaic makes sound financial & environmental sense; for landlords it is even better news.

Landlords can invest in solar electricity and earn a sufficient return through the feed in tariff to easily cover that investment.  There is also no limit to the number of properties you can claim the feed in tariff for, therefore you could install solar panels onto the roof of every property you own.  Tenants will benefit from free electricity and thus lower bills.  It’s a true win-win situation.

Most of the landlords we have spoken to have built up their property portfolios either to provide them with an income now or in the future.  In this respect the feed in tariff is ideal too for it provides a guaranteed index linked income for 20 years.  In effect, by fitting solar panels to every property you own will mean that you are receiving two incomes from each property; one from the tenant and one from the roof.

Save Money with Solar Panels

As you are no doubt aware, it is now a legal requirement for every rental property to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) produced for it; either in the first void period between tenants or if the property is subsequently sold.  Having solar panels fitted to your property will improve the energy efficiency of your property, which means that your EPC will have a better rating and the property will become more attractive to prospective tenants in future as they will know that the energy bills will be lower than an identical property without solar panels, plus they will benefit from free electricity during daylight hours.