Frequently Asked Questions

Will my electricity Direct Debit payment go down?
The amount won’t change just because you’ve signed up to the FIT scheme. But if you start buying less electricity, your Direct Debits should be adjusted when your payment amount is periodically reviewed.

Will I be taxed on the generation and export payments I receive?
Householders will not be taxed on the payments they receive. Businesses and corporations should check their tax liability with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Who will read my meters?
You’ll need to read your generation and export meters quarterly and submit the readings to your utility company. However, they should also periodically read these meters for audit purposes. Your import meter will continue to be read as normal.

What happens if I move house or business premises?
You can agree change of ownership of your generator as part of your property sale.

Can landlords claim FIT payments for generators at tenants’ properties?
Yes. If you’re a landlord installing FIT-eligible generation at your property or properties you can claim FIT payments. You’ll need to agree provision of these meter readings with your tenants.

Is planning permission required?
Planning permission is not normally required unless you live in a listed building. Even then, you may still be able to have solar but not mounted directly on the roof of your home.

Should I wait until prices fall?
Solar is fairly new to the UK but has been around for many years in other countries including much of Europe.  Solar panels are now a truly mass produced products and today’s prices reflect that.  Furthermore, now that the UK has Feed in Tariffs there is a real incentive to install PV Solar sooner rather than later.  Just like other European countries who started Feed in Tariffs before us, the amount you receive starts at a higher rate in the early years then reduces for people who buy later.  We therefore recommend that the best time to buy is right now